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 (quirky, kinky, outrageous, heart-breaking, steamy, appalling, courageous)


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Like...Escaping home to embrace strange dreams.

Journeys into the romantic unknown.

Erotic thrill-seeking and joy-riding.

Angels and demons along the way.

Fantasies that morph into reality.

True love (that thirst-inducing mirage) that ever eludes.

Friends that last forever?

Ahhh...Let's not forget claiming Inner Worth.

The Call Me Cali Series

Call Me Cali by Lana Gold is a contemporary romance series, an erotic romance novel series; a series of romance novels about call girls, novels about escorts

Blooming into a beautiful, educated woman is heady stuff.

Transforming into a sought-after, high-priced, world-traveling call girl is a whole other story.

Finding the way to real love is anyone's guess.

The Call Me Cali series is a chronicle of Cali’s Kistler's sexy—and romantic—adventures, where comedy, drama, and romance mix in one irresistible cocktail that will leave readers thirsty for more.

Book Five:Flying

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Why just go on an routine rebound when you can jet set your way to forgetting a man?


Cali Kistler is so over her fruitless search for love. She’s back to escorting—with a vengeance! Fueling the finances to power her dream of opening La Fantasia, and numbing her romantic pain by cavorting with various boy toys, Cali is back on top of her game. For a while, she's giving her clients in Manhattan the old “heave-ho” and chilling exclusively in some special destinations with an eccentric member of Middle Eastern royalty (and a royal pain in the ass!).


But what about the ones you just can’t forget?


From Paris to Marrakech, old friends and new warm Cali’s bed—and her bod—as Cali’s professional and personal flirtations take on an exotic flair and keep her on her high-heeled toes…Until she’s stopped cold in her tracks by the hottest and most heartfelt man she’s met yet. Though she's spoiled rotten by her crazy Sheik, this is the one forbidden fruit her royal patron won’t allow her to devour. Can she sneak a delectable Prince into her non-stop schedule? 


When Cali flies this fast and this high, will you get a soft or hard landing?

About The Books

Call Me Cali Book 12021-0502 Lana Gold,


Book One:Blooming

If good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere, then Cali Kistler has a passport for adventure.

When Cali Kistler is accepted into a prestigious art school in New York City—far from her toxic home life—she hops on a bus and never looks back. She is determined to dazzle and shine like the Manhattan skyline she falls in love with. Willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, nothing will stop Cali from dancing—and sometimes stumbling—toward the luxurious life of her dreams.


Always fascinated by the glamorous lives of high-priced call girls, and hungry for adventure—the more erotic the better—she embarks on a series of progressively risqué opportunities to propel her forward.


One young woman’s secret fantasies are about to become reality . . .


Each steamy encounter and lesson learned transforms Cali further, taking her a step closer to becoming the savvy and sensual woman she’s always wanted to be . . . and closer to knowing true love. But will pursuing her secret desires ruin it all, or give her everything she’s always dreamed of?


Can she deny her inner call to erotic adventure?

Book Two:Becoming


Cali Kistler is about to get schooled—in the art of seduction.


After meeting the lovable madam GG, with an eye toward one day joining her exclusive and legendary bordello, the high-octane Cali embarks on a calculated journey of self-improvement to become a well educated, polished, and sexually experienced woman. What lessons, challenges, and sensual surprises will she find along the way?  With the help of some unlikely mentors and teachers, can Cali ever become the elegant, sensually intuitive, and cultivated escort GG demands?

She first has to learn the rules before she can break them.


While a serious romantic relationship and a creative career beckon, Cali’s wild streak and an unrelenting wanderlust color everything she does. Electrified by erotic adventures, possessed by a healthy appetite for variety, and driven by her insatiable taste for the finer things, Cali’s vision for her life isn’t exactly ordinary.

Can she tame her innermost urges or will she let them run free?

Will she accept the loyalty, love, and the enticing offer of one marvelous young man? Or, will she become a sought-after sensual performer to many, secreted behind the silky curtains of GG’s lucrative pleasure palace?

In the sensual school of life, she’s about to graduate—with honors.

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Book Three:Performing

2021-0504 Lana Gold b03.jpg

If all the world’s a stage and men and women merely players, then Cali Kistler is about to lose herself—in a new starring role


Cali’s first season as a performer at GG’s exclusive bordello is fraught with drama and fantasy as she develops a taste for the finer things, honing her art of providing sensual, erotic and emotionally-nuanced experiences to lonely, needy men. But in her spare time, what hot guys will provide the romance and take care of her?


When fantasy and reality begin to blur…where do you draw the line?

Driven by her desire to recover her lost mosaics, and finish her debut interior design project, she seeks out the eccentric, powerful man who holds her artwork captive. Can she play all his role playing games and get them back…or will he convince Cali to become part of his permanent collection?


“There’s no business like ho business”


Will juggling two different careers, and her many different personas at GG’s, wreak havoc on Cali’s carefully crafted career plans – not to mention her sense of identity?


And will the lucrative, ball-of-a-time with the girls at GG’s come to a screeching halt, forcing the intrepid Cali onto a new independent path where she can be truly more herself?


What happens when the mask comes down and the show is over?

Book Four:Falling

2021-0856 Lana Gold b04.jpg

Will this lusty leopard ever change her spots?


High-caliber, world-travelling escort Cali Kistler is now yearning to experience real, true love that isn’t just another romantic business deal. Sure, it’s easy for this sexy siren to set men’s hearts afire temporarily. But will a sincere, loving, and long-term relationship continue to elude the (secretly) hopelessly romantic Cali?


You can take the girl out of the jungle, but can you ever get the jungle out of the girl?


Two handsome men, both “catches,” are about to catch this tiger by the tail and put her wily and erotic thrill-seeking ways to the truth test. But when her spicy secrets are revealed, and she feels inspired by a new business dream…will she decide to stand up at the marriage altar—or fall back on the lifestyle she loves best?  Love is a gamble and for Cali, the stakes feel high. Will she ever go all in?


Quietly settling down may have its advantages, but the call of the wild is deafening.

Book Six:Dazzling

2021-0858 Lana Gold b06.jpg

All that glitters may not be gold…but a little dazzling bling can sure boost your dreams!


When Sheik Jazzy makes an enticing invite the ambitious Cali can’t refuse, she sees it as one last lucrative get-rich-quick gig so she can finally retire from high-priced hooking and capitalize her dreams. Little does she know the Sheik has other plans for her visit to his notorious palace.


Money can’t buy love, but it can buy love a chance…


Despite all the temptations, can crafty Cali fly from her current gilded cage using nothing but her wit, charm, and help from an unlikely protégé: the Sheik’s neglected first wife--who wants him back in love with her!

Will this grounded butterfly ever take flight?


From her kinky and devoted personal butler…to her Hollywood hunk of an ex-fiancé…to the royally cute and off-limits VIP she’s been crushing on ever since they first met…Cali’s palace adventure is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to eligible men…Will she finally cash in and get the hell out of the business (sort of)?...Become a princess to the man of her dreams? Or just end up back in New York City, turning expensive tricks again?


With a little luck and a whole lot of hutzpah, can Cali triumph and get everything—and everyone-- she’s ever wanted?

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