I'm Lana Gold...

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What do you do when as a child you wanna be anywhere but here? Write. What do you do when your real life seems so much smaller than your imagination? Write. What do you do when life gets more exciting and more fun things to do (than writing) are tempting you away from becoming an author? Write. What do you do when the "gatekeepers" keep rejecting you (and now you're pitching to people half your age)? Write (and smile politely at them). What do you do when the work is in a jumble and not driving your beloved protagonist forward? Write. Get quality help. Then rewrite.


I've been writing fiction and screen drama literally all my life. I'm extremely grateful that you're hopefully devouring what I've lived in my mind (and lots in my actual life) and crafted. I was taking notes during all the drama, oh yes I was! I hope you've been entertained, because I've always been an entertainer in one form or another.


I won't say where I live now exactly. I can admit to spending a profligate youth in New York City, though. I do love a good palm tree, and often enough I get lost in a colorful, spice-filled souk. I adore cats and have enough to qualify as a "crazy cat lady." I live in slavish service to all those furry faces! I love lace, dressing up in feminine frothy ruffly creations, decorating, all things shabby chic, vintage and thrift shopping. I'm a mosaic artist, a lot like Cali.


Interesting, sexy and a few dastardly and eccentric men have been my downfall, pleasure my prescription, and a current true love the great stabilizer. Without them and the stories they invoked, I wouldn't have known all the permutations of romance. 

Thank you for reading me. I truly hope you enjoy and ask me to whip up more for you (well, not exactly: these confections take some time to bake, but you know what I mean).

Warm regards,